Responsive Website Design

All websites produced by Totalwebsites are fully Responsive.

Responsive Websites join a normal website and a mobile website into 1 “responsive” website. No need for 2 separate websites.

With the advent of many more devices looking at the web, a need has arisen to cater a website to “respond” to whatever screen it is being viewed on.

  • Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone.
  • A mobile compatible website has become essential to reach out to new potential customers
  • Consumers are doing more on mobile devices, they want content that meets their needs.
  • Google has found statisticly that users are more likely to revisit a mobile-friendly site & five times more likely to abandon the task they are trying to complete if the site isn’t optimized for mobile use.
  • Approx 80% percent of users will go back to search and try to find another site to meet their needs if not mobile compatible.
Websites that aren’t mobile friendly annoy users – not good business sense.