Online Booking

Attract more customers, more often and give them the ability to book whenever they need to.


Ensure your business stands out from the crowd, with tools that will impress.


Make life easier for you and your staff by reducing unnecessary admin work.


Expand your reach immediately through our extensive distribution network including Adrenalin, Viator and many more.


Connect to leading booking websites directly from Booking Boss, ensuring your tour, activity, classes and attractions of all sizes can maximise your exposure, increase your revenue and reduce the time it takes to work with all of your online and offline agents.

Booking Boss has direct two-way connections into a growing number of distribution channels, ensuring your product; inventory and pricing information is updated automatically – everywhere.

We currently work with: Adrenalin, Viator, Gifts That Thrill, TXA and all its connections, Google Now, NT Standby, Breakloose, Website Travel (in progress), Experience Oz (coming soon), Ticketmates (coming soon), Get Your Guide (coming soon), Lilianfels Hotel, Echoes Hotel, Excursiopedia and many more.

Integrated Point of Sale

Booking Boss point-of-sale, inventory and customer management is available on all devices. It’s easy to setup, manage and grow your business, from one location to many.

Barcoded Tickets

Track ticket sales and scan to ensure validity and track entry in the case of memberships.


Planet Mud

“I was very unhappy with my existing booking system – I found it very awkward to use and it just didn’t have the right functionality for me to easily streamline my bookings. I was looking for a while for a better system when a friend recommended Booking Boss.” Ruth Mason, Owner.

BBQ School

Booking Boss has addressed our frustrations by centralising our admin, we no longer need to sit by the phone, just in case! –  Sam Sestito, Marketing Manager.

Fastrack Racing

“Booking Boss is a more than just software, we consider them a partner who have not only saved us money over the years but also our sanity” – David Maidment, General Manager.

Ultimate Stunt Driving

“Booking Boss has given us insight into our business that spreadsheets are simply incapable of doing and as a result has helped us grow. We’ve been working with Booking Boss for several years now and we are still saying “we can do that? That’s awesome!” —Erin Canto, Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

No. Booking Boss does not lend itself to a free trial version, as the initial setup and training is customised for each customer’s unique business needs. Initial training and setup assistance is provided to all new customers, free of charge.

Can I import data from other software?

Yes, we provide data migration from your previous system if you are converting from another software product.

Does Booking Boss collect payments for me?

No, Booking Boss does not collect payments on your behalf. You must have a method to accept payments online, Booking Boss does integrate with a large number of payment gateways.

I’m already comfortable with my current system, is Booking Boss really a better option?

Most people who switch to Booking Boss never look back. Customers love the software’s user-friendly interface, as well as its features. You don’t have to take our word for it, take a look at our case studies and testimonials. We understand not every business is the same and we encourage you to take a live tour of Booking Boss to ensure it meets your needs.

Will you ever look at my data? Or share it with anyone?

Your data is owned by you and is only accessed by Booking Boss with your permission. E.g to assist with support questions. For analytical purposes, we will occasionally compile data from all our subscribers. However, this data cannot be traced back to any individual customers account.

Is there a set up fee?

No. Booking Boss does not charge a setup fee.

When do I pay Booking Boss?

Booking Boss bills you on the first of the month for the previous months bookings. The credit card on file will then be used to pay the invoice.

How safe is my data?

Booking Boss doesn’t store any sensitive data (like credit card information) so data breaches are highly unlikely. As far as crashes and outages, our entire system is backed up to the hour so in the (highly unlikely) even that something goes wrong, your data is extremely safe.