Human translations, smart detection with auto-switching, form enquiries auto-translated with ongoing translation support available.

What we are offering:

  • Every page of the website will be translated into Chinese by a human, not an automated service.
  • Existing website pages are replicated and Chinese translations put “in-place” of English, no design is lost, the pages keep the same look and feel.
  • Menu Navigation is split into English or Chinese to cater perfectly to both audiences.
  • Auto-detection within the users own browser settings will push Chinese translated pages instantly, on first load. If auto-detection cannot be obtained a flag button is available.
  • Contact Forms are auto-translated when sent, no need to worry about forms being emailed in Chinese, we will ensure only English is sent.
  • Depending on the package purchased, we can offer ongoing support of the Chinese translated pages if they ever need updating

Features at a glance

Human Translations
For page Content

Smart Detection

Ongoing Translation
Support Available

Form Enquiries

What does it cost:

Pricing is worked out based on various factors. Each quote is individual and catered specifically to a sites needs.
The below is a guide of how this costing is reached.

  • How many words in total need to be translated
  • How many pages need to be reproduced
  • The average “reading age” of the written content to be translated
  • How complex is the design of the pages needing translation
  • How much ongoing support will the site require
  • Most sites will cost between $800 to $1600 +GST

It is a requirement that the website uses the WordPress CMS and full administration access can be granted.

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