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Simple, affordable solutions for your business

Q. How much does a website cost?

A. Our builds start at $2,200+GST. More involved sites can cost more – we  quote on a case by case basis and the starting price is ballpark. Our prices offer incredible value.

Q. Who will host my website, how much does it cost and what is included?

A. We host all sites that we build. We have our own, state of the art servers situated in Singapore data centres. 

Q. How does support work and how do I lodge a query about my site?

A. All support requests must be sent to by email to - this will automatically create a support ticket and we endeavour to deal with these “same day” where possible. For any support requests emailed to a different address, say a staff member directly, these will be created as tickets under your account and a reminder sent to ensure that emails are sent to the support@ address above which auto generates a ticket.

Due to the way the system works to assign the ticket as best it can to match an account, internal staff members cannot simply forward the email on as it is rejected as an internal account is already present that cant have support tickets 'assigned ' to it.

Q. Will my site be mobile friendly?

A. All sites we build are “responsive” and will display correctly on a mobile device, that being said, updates and changes to plugins and themes and updates done by yourself or 3rd parties can mean this can sometimes be out, we cannot fix sites based on them not acting responsively due to the varying nature of how they may have become this way. It is up to each client to check their site regularly and if work needs to be carried out to fix mobile layout or overall layout across devices depending on what is involved we can quote before carrying out any extra work to fix/adjust the website.

Q. Will my site be secure (SSL)?

A. All sites are eligible for a free SSL certificate issued by Sectigo and done through the cPanel interface. These certificates are issued under a relationship we have with our service provider and they have with Sectigo, DCV must pass to have a certificate be issued and any changes to what classifies as free is subject to change as per our service provider.

Q. Who looks after domain names, emails and all of the complicated stuff?

A. We can buy and manage the renewal of your domain name, we use TPP Wholesale as our Reseller for domains. We recommend and use Google Workspace and for an initial set up fee can create the account for you, Google offers its own support to do this and a credit card needs to be provided to google billing to activate and use the account, subject to change as per Google. We merely set up an account, the relationship is between yourself and Google and any disputes must be handled directly between yourself and Google

Q. What will my site be built in?

A. We use WordPress. WordPress is one of the world’s most popular web building software and content management system. At the time of writing it was stated that WordPress now powers 41% of the entire internet! A staggering figure.

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