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Q. How much does a website cost?

A. Our builds start at $2,200+GST. More involved sites can cost more – we  quote on a case by case basis and the starting price is ballpark. Our prices offer incredible value.

Q. Who will host my website, how much does it cost and what is included?

A. We host all sites that we build. We have our own, state of the art servers situated in two different data centres. Hosting and support costs $495+GST per year. By support, we mean all minor updates and changes to the site during the year...so you aren’t paying extra for pricing updates, changing pics or adding info.

We also include an SSL Security certificate at no extra charge.

Q. How does support work and how do I lodge a query about my site?

A. The easiest way is to send an email to support@totalwebsites.com.au - this will automatically create a support ticket and we endeavour to deal with these “same day” where humanly possible. There is no queue or backlog - we keep on top of it. You are also welcome to call us on 1300 676 332...this will be answered by a human being, not a machine and we won’t put you on hold (we hate that too!)

Q. Will my site be mobile friendly?

A. Yes, all the sites we build now are “responsive” and will work beautifully on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Q. Will my site be secure (SSL)?

A. All of the sites we build now come with an SSL certificate giving you the https:// web address and peace of mind for your customers. Google also likes it!

Q. Who looks after domain names, emails and all of the complicated stuff?

A. Us! We can buy and manage the renewal of your domain name. We can help and support you in setting up Google’s GSuite for business which will safely and easily manage your emails without all the hassle of running your mail locally. In fact, we can advise on all things internet - we’ve been doing this for over 15 years and we know most of the answers and are happy to share our knowledge with our clients.

Q. What will my site be built in?

A. We use WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular web building software and content management system. There are almost 75 million WordPress sites globally and WordPress now powers 30% of the internet!

Q. Where is TotalWebsites based?

A. We originated in and are still based in Byron Bay. Everyone who works at TotalWebsites was part of the original start up team (we can’t get rid of them!)

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